Saša Gaberšek, Gregor Skok and Rahela Žabkar: INTRODUCTION TO METEOROLOGY: SOLVED PROBLEMS

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Introduction to meteorology: Solved problems
Collection: Zbirka izbranih poglavij iz fizike (number 52)
Year of publication:  2017
Length: 58 pages
Format: A4, PDF
ISBN: 978-961-212-279-9
Access: Available in electronic form in our shop.
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  1. Units
  2. Structure and layers of the atmosphere
  3. Hydrostatics
  4. Basic laws
  5. Steady state horizontal winds
  6. Local, individual and advective changes
  7. Humidity
  8. Adiabatic changes
  9. Emagrams
  10. Radiation
  11. Fronts
  12. TAF and METAR weather reports
  13. Solutions
  14. A list of used symbols and codes
  15. Appendix

About the book

This booklet is an English translation of the Slovenian language booklet Rešene naloge iz osnov meteorologije (ISBN: 978-961-212-199-0). It is intended as a supplement to the Introduction to Meteorology course at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana. An integral part of this course is problem-solving exercises. The booklet contains about 160 problems which are presented with solutions.

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